Preparing Your Patio or Deck for Spring

Facebook Twitter google-plus Pinterest West Michigan is thawing again after another deep freeze. Sure, it may not be prime cookout weather yet, but our guess is that you’re itching to get your outdoor entertainment space ready for those warm and sunny conditions! A...

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Why You Need a Hardscaping Professional

Facebook Twitter google-plus Pinterest Stop for a second. Close your eyes. In your mind, picture your perfect yard—the way you’d want your own outdoor space to look if you had the chance to remake it. What does it look like? Everybody, of course, has different...

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Making the Green at Macatawa Legends

Facebook Twitter google-plus Pinterest From small patios to multi-acre lawns, we’ll take on most any size of home project. Some of our projects are on an even grander scale, such as the major improvements we made to the entryway at Macatawa Legends in Holland this...

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Planning Ahead for Springtime Projects

Facebook Twitter google-plus Pinterest At this point of the year in West Michigan, there isn’t really too much you can do with regards to landscaping and lawn care – except to start planning ahead for springtime projects! The good news about this is the fact that...

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Protecting Your Patio in Winter

Facebook Twitter google-plus Pinterest West Michigan winters can be brutal. Cold temperatures, ice, snow, hail, even salt—all of it can damage an outdoor space like a patio in one way or another. You’ve spent a lot of money installing or upgrading the man-made...

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Why is Raking So Important for Your Lawn?

Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest When faced with a choice between watching the Michigan vs. Michigan State game on October 7th or raking the lawn, many guys here in West Michigan will probably ask “Is raking really all that important?” (And their wives will probably...

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When to Turn off Sprinklers for Winter

Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest Even if we never would have mentioned it here on our blog, you probably still would’ve known that a regularly-watered lawn is more likely to be a healthy lawn. Now, we went through some real dry spells this summer, so it’s likely you...

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Planning for Fall Lawn Maintenance

Facebook Twitter google-plus Pinterest If you haven’t taken advantage of our West Michigan summer, you still have time to spend a day at State Park, stop by Captain Sundae for ice cream, or enjoy some cold beverages at New Holland Brewery's Beer Garden. (Or you can...

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