There is no warranty on “Natural Materials” (e.g. outcropping stones, boulders, bark mulches, soils, landscape bedding stones, timber products, etc.)

Product material produced by a manufacturer will have a warranty based on the manufacturer’s warranty for their product. (e.g. retaining wall block, paver block, etc.) There will be no warranty on the product if it is used outside of its intended manufacturer’s use. There will be a cost for labor to repair defects in products. There will be no labor cost for the repair of improper workmanship (to be evaluated by the salesperson/owner). 


The customer will receive quality workmanship and installation of their lawn. We will follow up with two fertilization applications to ensure the new lawn has a healthy beginning. If we return to reseed for any reason, there will be a charge to do so.

Plant Material

Plant Material will have a 1 year warranty from the date of installation. Only the plant material will be covered. There will be a cost for labor.


There is no warranty.

Bosch’s is not responsible for any damage to underground items (utilities, wiring, irrigation, dog fence, etc.) not properly flagged by MISS DIG.

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