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Landscape design and installation can be a long and intimidating process. When you are starting from scratch, the process can be intimidating and it’s sometimes hard to know where to begin. That’s where Bosch’s Landscaping in Holland can lend a helping hand! Our knowledge of which landscaping plants do well in our region and how to place them for optimal function and beauty will be a great aid when making these final decisions about the environment around your home. Explore our seamless collaboration with a trusted interior home design partner, offering services to make your home’s interior just as beautiful as its exterior.

It All Starts with Design

Design begins with a personal consultation so we understand your dreams for the final product. Our award-winning designers will offer expert knowledge and opinions, but the project needs to reflect your lifestyle and personality. We can share pictures from past projects to help you decide on things like walkways, materials, and types of plants.

Then we do a site analysis, including the type of soil, our local climate, drainage patterns, and what’s there now. Deciding what to keep, move, or discard is as important as the new features you want to add, like a pond or water feature, or a habitat for birds and animals. We can focus on landscaping with native, non-invasive plants that require low maintenance and are naturally resistant to disease, or ways to conserve water and preserve its quality in your area.


Types of Lawn Installation

Now that we have a great design that you love, the next step is installation. One of the most important parts of the installation is your lawn.

Starting a new lawn takes several steps, including deciding what type of residential install you want. Here are three ways to put in a lawn:

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Before the Install

Preparing the Site

What we do before we put in a lawn is as important as the installation itself. If you decide to use an irrigation system, that will need to be installed first. (Note: amount and timing of watering is important to the health of your lawn, so check with us for the best settings if you use a timer.)

That is followed by removing large pieces of debris and installing the edging that outlines your patch of grass. Then we add topsoil and compost, level it and grade it away from your foundation, and add lime if needed for correct pH balance. We will discuss the type of fertilizer you want used, including options for organic ones and those that will protect our area lakes, streams, and underground water reservoirs from too much phosphorus

Care After Your Lawn Is In

Moisture levels are important for the first couple of weeks as grass germinates or sod settles in place and starts to put down roots. This will take some monitoring and time on your part. We can help you understand the best amounts and intervals for watering.

You also need to eliminate foot and pet traffic as much as possible in those early days to keep soil from being compacted.

If you’d like help maintaining your new landscaping, Bosch’s are the pros. From sodding or seeding, to mowing, edging and trimming, to planting annuals and checking them monthly, we do it all.

We offer custom fertilizer blends, a variety of high quality mulch, and weed control formulated for our local area for a healthy-looking lawn, as well as organic products. We can also aerate or dethatch your lawn, and remove leaves in the fall. 

Ready for a New Landscape Installation in West Michigan?

We can help you design and install landscaping that fits your lifestyle, environmental concerns, and budget. Give Bosch’s Landscaping in Holland, MI a call at 616.399.6861 and we’ll evaluate your site and discuss options with you to enhance your outdoor environment. You can also contact us through our website with your questions or to set up an appointment.