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Designing Your Dream Landscape

There’s a lot more to landscaping than seeding a lawn and calling it good. If you want an outdoor space that enhances the beauty of your home, adds places to entertain and play, and provides a habitat for birds, butterflies, and other species, you’ll want to consult someone who understands the principles of landscape design. Bosch’s Landscaping Specialists in Holland, MI is your full-service company for making those dreams come true.

Let’s Start at the Very Beginning

The most important step in the entire project is talking. We need to understand your lifestyle and how you’d like your area to look, and you need to benefit from our knowledge, training, and experience when it comes to beautifying yards. We will learn what activities you want to do outside, what aesthetic styles you prefer, your maintenance style, and your budget. You can ask us questions and look through our portfolio of past projects to get ideas of what you like. The more we discuss at the beginning, the happier everyone will be with the outcome.

Landscaping Services

The Science of Site Analysis

The next step is looking at the site. We analyze elevation, drainage, soil type, and the type of micro-habitats you have (south facing wall, huge shade tree, wet spots, etc). We also inventory what is already there and determine which elements you want to keep. Knowing what is or is not growing well now gives us valuable help when choosing trees and plants to include in the new plan. All data will be recorded on an accurate base map of your site, including existing features, sun and shade patterns, and traffic flow around buildings and plantings. It is also important to locate vehicle access points, utility lines, and all boundary lines (really important for peace with your neighbors). 

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Our Goals

Decisions, Decisions

You need to plan how you would like to use your yard. What entrance do you use most? Do you have kids? Pets? Do you like lots of trees (raking), lots of grass (lawn care), lots of flower beds (planting and weeding)? Do you want to attract wildlife to your space? Do you want to avoid pesticides and fertilizers as much as possible?

Then there is your style: Formal? English garden? Classic? Do you like certain geometric shapes and lines, or prefer a curvy, meandering look? Or maybe a combination of the two: geometric hardscapes with naturalistic plantings? 

Choosing Trees and Plants

Trees and shrubs will help determine micro-climates in the yard and should be chosen first. Siting them is all important if you want to consider more efficient heating and cooling of your home as well as providing micro-climates (shady places, protection from winds, etc.). Keep in mind mature sizes and growth rates as you plan. The three areas that have the most impact for being good stewards of the land are using resource-efficient plants, managing water (think rain gardens and efficient irrigation), and using environmentally sound materials in your hardscaping. It is important to choose native plants and trees as much as possible. They are more resistant to pests and do well with the amount of water and sunlight an area typically receives 

Are You Ready?

Once we have developed a final site plan and estimate for the project that meets with your approval, you can relax and let us get to work. Bosch’s Landscaping Specialists in Holland does most everything in-house, from site preparation and hardscape installation to plantings and seeding your new lawn. We can even handle your lighting needs. Give us a call at (616) 399-6861 today and take the first step to a more beautiful outdoor area for your home.