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A picture is worth a thousand words—and several two-dimensional sketches too! Sure, we can make a marvelously detailed landscape design plan on paper—drawn to scale with all the parts labeled—but you might still not understand how it will look when it is finished. That’s why we have included landscaping images from past projects on our website. These pictures translate a line on the plan marked “fence” into an image of stone pillars and black wrought iron, or a planting bed with yews, peonies, and spirea into the green, pink and white colors that they will provide for your enjoyment.

More than that, the pictures can provide inspiration when you don’t have an idea where to start, or help define your likes and dislikes as we work together to plan your outdoor environment. Browse through the Bosch’s Landscaping portfolio and start dreaming. Then contact us to start your project to beautify the grounds around your home or business.

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