At Bosch’s Landscaping, we are dedicated to providing top-notch lawn care services – mowing included! With our decades of experience in the landscaping industry, we’ve developed the expertise you need to keep your lawn looking neat and groomed.

Our lawn mowing service keeps your lawn healthy, green, and lush throughout the growing season. Our skilled team of professionals is equipped with all the high end equipment needed to make sure you get the best cut, every time. We’ll typically come out once a week during the months of April through November to make sure your yard stays in tip top shape!

Mowing is just one of the many services we offer to keep your lawn nice and healthy. When combined with a custom fertilization plan, dethatching & aeration services, or maybe even a new flowerbed, we can help take your pristine lawn to a new level!

Professional Service and Quality Every Time

Bosch’s landscapers are pros who take pride in their work, stand by their recommendations, and offer prompt and high quality service to all our customers, residential and commercial. When you hire Bosch’s, you can be confident that you’ll be treated well—and so will your lawn!

To request your free estimate today, call us at (616) 399-6861 or use our online contact form and we’ll get back to you soon during our standard hours.