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Snow Removal for Your Business

Whether it’s an early storm in November or the large accumulation in January and February, snowfall is an accepted part of living in West Michigan. In fact, you probably love the snow – you just don’t like shoveling it, especially if you have a business or commercial property to clear! That’s where a good snow-plowing contractor is a life saver for your business.

If you run a business, factory, school, apartment building, or other commercial or industrial property, you can’t afford to let the winter slow you down. Whether the problem of the day is foot-high lake effect snow drifts or slick, icy pavement, you need your driveways, parking lots, and walkways cleared fast so you can keep your doors open and keep your employees, clients, customers, or tenants safe.

Every hour of lost productivity due to inclement weather can represent thousands of dollars in business. That’s why a good snow and ice removal crew is such a valuable investment for business in West Michigan. 

Winter in West Michigan

Why So Much Snow and Ice?

We all love Lake Michigan, but the same feature that provides beauty, recreation, and fresh breezes in other seasons can dump a lot of snow on us in winter.

Prevailing west winds gather up moisture from the warmer open water and carry it east over the colder land mass, where it crystallizes and falls to the ground. That means there is a several-mile-deep band along the lakeshore that gets lake effect snow, and we’re square in the middle of it!

The lake also can bring milder temperatures in winter, so we can alternate between warmer days that melt the snow, and then colder ones that re-freeze it. While that makes for some pretty fast sledding hills and a nice base layer for skiing, it can also cause icy conditions on roads and walkways that make getting around dangerous.

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Full-service snow removal

What to Do with All That White Stuff

You can gather all your friends and employees, bundle up, haul out the shovel or snow blower, and spend most of the day digging out—or you can call us. We are a full-service snow removal contractor offering the following to our Holland-area enterprises:

Your Snow Removal Needs Met in the Holland, MI Area

Whenever you need a hand eliminating snow and ice from your business, school, or other commercial or industrial property, it’s time to contact Bosch’s Landscaping Specialists in Holland, MI. We understand how important it is to have clear, safe spaces to drive and walk, and our drivers have extensive experience with snow and ice removal jobs large and small.

You can reach us by phone at (616) 399-6861, stop by our office at 4275 136th Ave. on Holland’s north side, or send us a message through the contact form on this website. We will discuss what type of services you require and give you an estimate tailored to your needs.