Now (Yes, NOW) Is the Best Time to Start Planning for Spring Landscaping

Winter sure came back with a vengeance, huh?

After the early snows in November, we did have quite the mild run in the weather. But us West Michigan natives probably should have known we wouldn’t get through the season unscathed.

Now, when the weather outside is frightful, and your landscape is buried under at least half a foot of wet snow, you may not spend much time thinking about enjoying time outdoors on your property—unless you’re either a very active daydreamer, or you’re lucky enough to have your own awesome sledding hill.

But consider this:

Now is the maybe the best time to take a good, hard look at your landscape and start formulating ideas.

Why It’s Time to Get Planning

It’s all about making smart use of your time.

Winter is a great time to take a step back and think hard about what you want out of your landscaping in the upcoming year, then start actually getting those plans in motion, precisely because there isn’t much else going on.

The holidays are over. Basic lawn care maintenance is on hiatus for the season. We’re guessing the deck or patio aren’t getting much use.

But really, before you know it, the weather will turn. The snow and ice will melt. The patio chairs will come back out of storage. The farmer’s markets and greenhouses will come alive with seeds, flowers, and veggies ready for planning in the garden.

And if you’ve procrastinated and waited all this time before honestly thinking about any additions, upgrades, or changes you want to make to your landscaping, let’s be honest—they probably aren’t going to happen.

Plus, let’s remember that as soon as the weather starts getting nice again, landscapers like Bosch’s start getting a lot of calls. Not saying we won’t do everything we can to help you as soon as we can, of course. But our schedule will start getting pretty full with all kinds of projects.

So if you want to absolutely maximize your time and enjoyment of your new landscape in its first season of use before the next winter hits, don’t procrastinate! Develop your plan now, give us a call, and get on that early schedule for spring!

Spring frost

The Possibilities Are Endless

Well, maybe not endless. We still have to obey zoning and code regulations!

But the point we’re trying to make is this: don’t be afraid to think big.

Sure, it’s okay if you just want to make some tweaks here and there. If you already love your outdoor space, there may not be a reason to give it a major overhaul! Maybe a change in theme for the garden, or just better fertilization and TLC, is all you really need.

But with Bosch’s, you have a landscaping partner that does it all.

  • Landscaping. It’s so much more than just picking out the prettiest flowers or laying down some woodchips. Doing landscaping right means analyzing the soil, sunlight, and drainage to figure out what plants will work best in what locations. It means having a keen eye for how to match colors, textures, even sizes of plants. It means being able to mix and match annuals, perennials, and evergreens in a way that provides beauty all year long.
  • Hardscaping and cement work. Looking to add a new patio, or enlarge repair your existing one? Maybe stamp it with a beautiful overlay that looks just like sandstone or tile? How about adding a pathway, retaining wall, water feature, or set of stairs? We’ll help you find the perfect mix of man-made elements to complement the natural features of your landscape.
  • Residential installs. Okay, your lawn is probably buried under a foot of snow right now. But even in summer, was it looking patchy and unhealthy? We’ll help give your lawn a makeover, using sod, seed, or hydroseed based on what makes the most sense for your site.
  • Lawn maintenance and care. If you want your yard looking nice all year long—whether or not we do a big project for you this year—we can also help you care for it. That includes services such as spring and fall cleanup, mowing, aeration and dethatching, flower bed care, rebarking, fertilizationpruning, and more.
a house covered in snow

Call Bosch’s

What do you want your property to look like this year? How do you want to use it? English country garden? Outdoor kitchen? Local and seasonal flowers? Vegetable garden?

There’s never been a better time to call Bosch’s and make your plan to get the most out of your outdoor space this year. To speak with one of our professionals, please call (616) 399-6861 today.