Yard Care & Lawn Maintenance

If you want a great-looking yard throughout all seasons, let Bosch’s Landscaping in Holland handle your lawn care and yard maintenance. We offer a wide range of services that relieve you of worry and give you time to enjoy the Michigan weather—even in winter! Choose from any of the following to custom design your own program.

Spring or Fall Cleanup

When the snow dwindles down to a few dirty piles and the first crocus and daffodils start poking up their heads, you may get the urge to get out and start cleaning up your yard after the winter—or maybe not. If yardwork isn’t your thing, call us.

We’ll come those first warm days to power-sweep debris off your grass and over-seed or fertilize as needed. We’ll tidy up your planting beds by pruning damaged shrubs and branches and mulching your plantings. We can even apply a pre-emergent weed control if you agree to herbicide use on your property. We’ll leave you to clean out the garage, though!

At the end of the growing season we’ll come by again to prune late-blooming perennials and get all the leaves out of your beds and off the lawn. Don’t worry about disposing of them—we can use them to make great compost for the next spring.

Lawn Mowing

From April through November we send our crews on a mutually agreed-upon schedule to mow your lawn and keep the edges trimmed, so you don’t have to worry about fitting another thing into your busy schedule.

We may recommend additional fertilization throughout the summer as needed for a healthy lawn, and can apply a broadleaf weed control herbicide if this is a problem. We can also treat problem spots and weeds in cracks and crevices.

Lawn Aeration and Dethatching

We have the equipment to make these projects a snap. To find out if your lawn needs either of these treatments, we can examine a 4-inch-deep slice of it. If the thatch layer is a half inch thick or more, it is best to dethatch and aerate it.

Thatch is dead grass and roots that accumulate between the soil and the green blades. The tools used to dethatch have thin, sharp blades that cut through this layer and rake away the debris.

Aeration helps loosen the soil by poking holes in the lawn so air, water, and nutrients can reach the roots. This is important for strong growth and a deeper root system, which help prevent water runoff and transfer of fertilizer and chemicals into our local streams and lakes.

Annual Flower Bed Care

If you like color in the summer and fall, you can’t beat annuals. We will install them at the appropriate time and then come back once per month to care for them. This may include weeding, looking for diseases or infestations, and treating if necessary.

Choice of plants can make a big difference: some are drought-hardy, some naturally disease-resistant, and some repel insect infestations. Others seem to wilt or attract every blight or pest in the neighborhood. Some need shade, and some need lots of sun. We can help you choose the best plants so they provide beauty and pleasure all season long.


Pruning helps keep bushes and ornamental trees open to the air and sunlight so they grow strong and are more resistant to disease. We understand how to properly prune all types of shrubs and trees. We also maintain our tools to keep them clean and sharp to minimize any harm during the process. We offer this service in July and October to residences and businesses alike.

Year-Round Yard Care from Holland Experts

Even when the growing season is done and snow starts falling, we are ready to help keep your property accessible and safe with our snowplowing crews. Spring, summer, fall and winter—we provide maintenance services year round. Give Bosch’s Landscaping a call at (616) 399-6861 to arrange the care your yard needs to stay looking great.

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