Planning for Fall Lawn Maintenance

If you haven’t taken advantage of our West Michigan summer, you still have time to spend a day at State Park, stop by Captain Sundae for ice cream, or enjoy some cold beverages at New Holland Brewery’s Beer Garden. (Or you can have an outstanding day by doing all three!)

Of course, we’re entering August, so there’s really not that much summer left. Sure, you should head out and get your Tommy Turtle now before Captain Sundae closes for the season, but you also need to start preparing for fall lawn maintenance activities!

Your lawn doesn’t care that summer is ending – it still needs maintenance. A little TLC in the fall puts you ahead of having a healthy lawn in the spring. Make plans now to:

  • Keep mowing. There’s still plenty of time before putting away the mower for the season. As the days get shorter, start dropping your mower’s blades so they’re at the lowest setting for the last two cuttings of the year. (This means less of each leaf turning brown during winter, and more sunlight reaching the crown of the grass.)
  • Fertilize. People are quick to think about fertilizing as being a springtime activity, but experts agree it’s better to do in fall (if only fertilizing once per year). The best time is mid-to-late fall, so stock up now on fertilizer. Better yet, call us and arrange for our experts to handle the job.
  • Aerate. Aerating your lawn allows fertilizer, water, and oxygen to more easily reach grass roots. You can make plans to rent an aerator and do it yourself, or save your time and energy by hiring our team to do it for you.
  • Repair damages. Fall is the time of year to fix bald spots so your lawn is nice and full in the spring. Head to your favorite place to pick up garden and lawn supplies and find all-in-one lawn repair mixture, which combines grass seed, fertilizer, and organic mulch. You may also want to get ready for autumn by picking up a new garden rake, since you’ll need one to scratch up loose soil in the area you’re going to repair.

These are all great steps to get yourself ready for the upcoming fall season. Perhaps the best step, though, is to simply give us a call at (616) 399-6861 and schedule our team to do it all for you! In addition to award-winning services, Bosch’s is also proud to provide free estimates, so contact us today.

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