Does Your Landscape Need Rebarking?

Wood chips and bark are commonly used in many landscape designs around flowerbeds, trees, shrubs, pathways, and other areas for a variety of reasons. Not only do they add a bit of visual interest, but they also provide extra “impact cushioning” around play areas. As an organic mulch, they’re also good for your plants, too. A layer of woodchips about three inches thick fights erosion, suppresses weed growth, and helps soil retain moisture and regulate temperature.

That said, it’s important to remember that woodchips aren’t strictly a “set it and forget it” project. Rebarking needs to occur regularly; we recommend once per year, typically in the early spring. Because they are organic, woodchips do break down and decompose—and a lot faster than you might think! They also tend to be easily dispersed or slowly washed away over time.

Of course, another important reason to rebark your landscaping is aesthetic. A fresh layer of chips at the beginning of the spring season looks vibrant and new. After a year’s worth of rain and snow, however, those once-fresh looking chips may appear faded, gray, and dull. Rebarking every spring, just after the snow melts, will ensure that your landscape design retains the same vibrant, beautiful look and really pops.

For all your landscaping needs, including laying down or replacing wood chips and mulch, trust the experts at Bosch’s Landscaping. We’ll help you design and maintain a great-looking, functional outdoor space you can be proud of. If you need your woodchips rebarked, or have any other landscaping ideas or dreams, please don’t hesitate to give us a call today at (616) 399-6861.