Why is Raking So Important for Your Lawn?

When faced with a choice between watching the Michigan vs. Michigan State game on October 7th or raking the lawn, many guys here in West Michigan will probably ask “Is raking really all that important?” (And their wives will probably give them a look that indicates “Yes, yes it is.”) This particular chore might not be as enjoyable as spending the day watching college football (or doing any other favorite activity), but we all know it’s important. Not everyone, however, understands the real reason why raking is so important for the lawn. To start, let’s acknowledge the fact that a raked lawn does look better than an unkempt one. There is value in improving the aesthetic appearance of your property, so this is certainly a reason why you may want to rake your lawn. It’s not necessarily the most important one, though. Tying in with that, raking could be an important activity if you belong to a homeowner association (HOA). These organizations are established to keep neighborhoods looking nice. Failing to clean up fallen leaves could land you in some trouble with your HOA, and possibly even cost you money in the form of a fine. That will likely provide some incentive to get out there and clean up the dead leaves! Another reason for raking leaves is to keep pests from destroying your yard. Unraked leaves can harbor and hide insects and rodents – including ones that are a major threat during the winter. A tidy lawn reduces the risk of that happening, but this still isn’t the most important reason. The most important reason for raking leaves in the fall is actually connected to its health and vitality. Fallen leaves left on the ground keep the grass from receiving what it needs to survive. They block water, nutrients, and even healthy air flow. As if that isn’t a big enough problem, they also block the sunlight your lawn so desperately needs to thrive. Now, your grass might need plenty of sunlight, but this isn’t the case for mold. When the leaves littering the yard trap moisture underneath, it creates an environment that is dark and damp – which is perfect for mold spores. This is a problem if you have mold allergies, but it’s also a threat to your lawn. Making sure your lawn has access to everything it needs—water, nutrients, air, and sunlight—is important for keeping it healthy. You can do this by staying vigilant with raking leaves this fall! Of course, if you want the healthiest possible lawn, an even better move than raking your leaves is to contact our team here at Bosch’s Landscape and Lawn Specialties. We provide comprehensive yard maintenance services, completely free estimates, and can help you determine exactly what your lawn and landscape need so they look exactly how you want! Call our Holland office today for more information by dialing (616) 399-6861.