How do I know what type of fertilizer I need?

Choosing the proper fertilizer for your lawn can be tricky. What your grass needs depends on lots of things, like your soil type, whether or not you have dogs, how the sun travels across your property, when the lawn was put in, and what trees are growing and where—including ones on neighbor’s property! Are you more confused than ever now?

If you want a healthy green lawn that makes you proud of your yard, you can either do a lot of research and soil testing, or you can call us for help. Our lawn experts can analyze the soil in your outdoor area along with the other factors mentioned and make a plan to get your grass green and thick again.

We also know the correct timing, amounts, and best application practices for fertilizer so that we can protect water quality in the beautiful streams, rivers, and lakes that are such an important part of our West Michigan landscape.

For all your lawn maintenance needs throughout the season—including fertilization—call Bosch’s Landscaping in Holland, MI at (616) 399-6861 for information or a consultation.

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