Winter Put Your Project on Hold? Get It In for Early Spring

by | Jan 31, 2017

Winter always seems to come suddenly in West Michigan, and when it arrives it pushes away any chance you had of completing that big landscaping project you’d been thinking about (but never quite got around to doing), at least until spring.

It’s true that the physical work will have to wait a few months for all the white stuff to dissipate and the air and ground to warm up a bit. But that doesn’t mean you have to put your project on the backburner! By planning what you want now, you can ensure the work gets done early in the spring and you have a beautiful, functional outdoor space to enjoy throughout the entire summer (and beyond)!

We can help you with the planning, too. Perhaps you’ve been procrastinating about getting your landscaping project done because you aren’t quite sure about what color the stones should be, or what kind of pattern or stamping they should have, or which flowers to choose, or what water feature to buy. Our seasoned professionals can help you sort through your options, determine what’s really important to you about your outdoor space, and help you make the big decisions with confidence.

Even if you’re already 100% sure of what you want, a lot more goes into planning the perfect yard project than you might think. It’s not all just determining where you want your flowerbeds and stone paths, but also analyzing drainage, elevation, soil types, etc. This helps ensure that your project is not only beautiful, but easy to maintain and care for and ecologically sustainable.

So don’t let your dream project drag on, unfinished, for another year! Call Bosch’s Landscaping to get the planning work completed now and get on our work schedule for the spring. Fill out our contact form online, or call our office today at (616) 399-6861.

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