Winter – a Great Time to Plan Landscape Projects

by | Feb 8, 2016

When temps drop below freezing and lawns, bushes, and shrubs are covered in snow, you just want to hunker down by a warm fire with a good book. Here’s a thought: pick up some books on landscape planning and start thinking ahead to summer projects you might want to tackle.

Whether you want a whole redo of your tired-looking property, or you’re just thinking of adding a water interest to landscape that’s otherwise in pretty good shape, you need to plan ahead. While our experts are busy plowing parking lots, you can do some footwork by figuring out what styles you like, what materials and plants appeal to you, and what you want to accomplish with the upgrade.

Paging through landscape design books can get the ball rolling and introduce you to concepts you might not have considered before. Perhaps instead of a full-fledged pond with plantings (that you’d have to care for), photos of a fountain or small, easy-care pool pique your interest. Maybe you thought you wanted pavers for a new patio, but then you saw what could be done with stamped cement and realize that might fit your property better.

Horticultural books can help, too. You learn about choosing plants and trees that are native to your area and grow well with less care since they have adapted to the local climate. They are more resistant to local pests as well, and won’t require you to use poisons around your yard. And you might just find a spot for some milkweed to help out the dwindling monarch population, or other plants that attract butterflies and birds.

If technology is more your thing, check out sites like, iScapes apps, or our own portfolio on this website for ideas.

Thinking this all through ahead of time will prepare you for your first consultation with the experts at Bosch’s Landscaping. We care about our customers’ preferences and concerns, and we can add our own knowledge and experience—and a few inspirations, too—to help you come up with a landscape plan that works.

Once the snow is gone and your plans are in place, call our office in Holland, MI at (616) 399-6861 and we’ll get things started. You can always get in touch with us via email at or using the contact form on our website as well. Here’s to your summer landscape project!

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