Why A Good Snow Removal Plan Matters (and Matters Now!)

by | Nov 26, 2018

There is plenty to enjoy about winter. Ice skating. Snowmen. The holidays.

One thing almost nobody counts on their list of pros about winter is snow removal. You might have felt a chill run down your spine on seeing the first few flakes in November; not from the cold, but from the thought of having to clear this stuff out in the near future when it brings its whole family down on your drive and parking lot.

It’s never too early to get your season’s snow removal needs covered, and the experts at Bosch’s Landscaping have the tools and manpower to do it consistently and effectively.

If you operate a business, apartment building, or any other kind of property that receives a variety of (paying) traffic, your need for snow removal is absolutely tied to your reputation and success.

When it comes to your own home, you might feel up to the task of keeping your snow cleared—and you may certainly be! We understand not everyone might have the tools they need, however, and there can certainly be challenges and hazards for those who are not fully prepared.

Here are some notes to consider when considering whether you want to request snow removal services or take care of snow yourself.

Snow Shoveling Can Be Dangerous to Your Health

This one is often talked about, but still tends to get glossed over as a “Yeah, but it won’t happen to me!” sort of thing.

But it’s worth repeating: Removing snow manually is often much more challenging than it looks, and people who aren’t prepared for it can get hurt or worse.

Snow can become very heavy, especially when it’s wetter and more compact, and conditions can become slippery. Sprains are common in manual removal, as are muscle strains in the back and shoulders.

Of even greater concern, however, is heart health. The exertion required for shoveling snow, combined with cold temperatures, can place a lot of strain on the heart. Even pushing a heavy snow blower can increase the risk of developing chest pains or even a heart attack.

Doctors recommend that people who have had a prior heat attack, a known heart disease, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, or lead a sedentary lifestyle should not engage in strenuous snow removal, or at the very least talk to their primary physician before doing so.

No clear walkway is worth overestimating your capabilities or overstraining yourself. If you have doubts, or have been told not to go out there yourself, either rely on professional services or a neighbor with strength experience.

Slips and Falls Can Also Hurt

Weather here has an annoying way of warming up for a spat in winter, before plunging back into frigid temperatures. Not only does that help compact the snow into a heavy mess, but it can also make for frequent ice on roads and walkways.

You might have sidewalks in addition to your driveway. You want to make sure your family and visitors don’t slip and injure themselves. If you’re a business, that responsibility (and potential liability for it) can be even higher, and ice accumulation can be much greater based solely on the amount of traffic packing snow down in your lots.

We are consistent with salting and ice removal to greatly lower the risk of hazardous walkways, parking lots, and driveways.

Even better, being consistent with snow removal when needed can help keep snow from getting packed down and becoming more hazardous. Taking care of 2 inches now keeps it from becoming compacted and frozen over when another 7 inches comes.

Where Are You Putting the Snow?

Getting the snow off your driveway is great, but is it being moved somewhere that will cause problems?

Snow can pile up along the sides of a driveway over the season, especially if bad snowstorms come that we need to dig ourselves out of. Walls and piles of snow alongside roads and parking lot entrances can lead to blocked visibility where it might be needed most.

Also, nobody looks forward to seeing that huge slush pile that has been amassing in the corner all winter start to collapse into a sodden mess come spring.

We have large loader buckets in our arsenal to take care of big snow buildups before they become a problem. We scoop up the excess and load it into dump trucks to cart away.

A Proactive Plan Makes for a More Passable Season

The best-laid plans are made before there’s a big pile of snow at your door.

If you plan on taking it all on your own, make sure you are in good health to do so, as well as having the equipment and supplies you need to start clearing immediately and not try to slide your way to a hardware store for something you forgot.

Better yet, leave all the planning and work to the professionals who have been clearing neighborhoods for years!

Don’t wait. Give us a call at (616) 399-6861 to learn more about our snow removal services and to request them for your company or business. You can also reach us by filling out our online contact form. Then you can sit back and enjoy the things you actually like about winter.

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