Pruning for Your Business Landscape

You want your property to look tidy and inviting. While you may understand the ins and outs of your manufacturing business, or are great at retail management, tree pruning and shrub maintenance may be mysteries to you. That’s where the experts at Bosch’s Landscaping can help. We offer pruning for your outdoor property that keeps your landscaping healthy and looking great.

A Right Way and Wrong Way to Prune Trees and Shrubs

Did you know that just hacking off a tree branch can do a lot of damage to a tree? First of all, you need to understand the growth patterns of particular trees to know which branches should be eliminated. Cutting off the wrong branches can leave the structure weaker and more vulnerable to storm damage.

Cutting in the wrong place is a problem, too. Cut too close to the tree and you risk infections or diseases that could harm the tree. Cut too far away and the ends may become weak and wither, making them attractive to certain pests.

Certain shrubs require overall surface trimming, such as yews and hedges. Others do better by cutting certain stems or branches at ground level, such as lilacs and Weigela. Still other perennials and grasses do best when you cut them down completely each year. Do you know which types you have and how they need to be trimmed?

Then there are the tools and techniques. Saws, loppers, clippers, hedge shears or electric trimmers—which should you use? You want to use the one that will give a nice, clean cut that will heal well and stave off problems. Our crews know how to shape and maintain various tree types, how to trim shrubs safely, and how to use the right tools and keep them in great shape.

A Time for Everything

Most trees are best pruned during the dormant season (approximately November to May in Michigan). For one thing, it is easier to see the overall structure without all the leaves in place. This allows you to find damaged or diseased branches that should be cut out, and determine which ones rub or cross each other and should be eliminated. Other reasons to prune in winter include faster healing of the cuts, less risk of transmitting diseases, and less stress on the trees.

Some shrubs should be trimmed in the dormant season, as they blossom on new growth and trimming encourages this growth where you want it come spring. If you trim others during that time, you will be without any flowers in the spring and summer, as they bloom on last season’s growth.

Pruning in Holland, MI

Thanks to our extensive plant knowledge, the crews at Bosch’s Landscaping know what type of care your trees and shrubs need, and when. Contact us for a quote on keeping all your landscape plantings healthy and tidy with proper pruning and trimming. You can reach us by phone at (616) 399-6861 or use the form on our website. We’ll help keep your business grounds looking the best they can.

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