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Some people think the only time of year that really matters for lawncare is spring. This isn’t necessarily a terrible assumption—there are several important measures that need to be taken during that particular season for a healthy lawn—but it’s really only part of the story. Truth be told, maintaining an “envy-of-the-neighborhood” kind of lawn is actually an all-year-long job.

If that seems overwhelming—how do you know where to start, when to dethatch, or what dethatching even is??—we’re here for you!

In order to help you have your best lawn ever, we’ve created a campaign of monthly lawncare tips that you can have delivered directly to your inbox. Even if you aren’t a current or previous customer, or haven’t even considered using Bosch’s for our comprehensive lawn services, we are still happy to share these tips with you – for free and with absolutely no obligations on your behalf. All it takes on your end is a moment to fill out the form below.

When you sign up for this free service, you will receive a tip every month letting you know what you need to do for optimal lawn health that month. Now, these emails are full of valuable information, but what’s especially beneficial is the monthly reminder.

You could certainly take the time right now to search countless websites and determine what needs to be done for your lawn at various points throughout the year, but are you really going to remember eight months from now to actually do it? An email you automatically receive, on the other hand, provides a very convenient reminder every month!

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