Making the Green at Macatawa Legends

by | Dec 14, 2017

From small patios to multi-acre lawns, we’ll take on most any size of home project. Some of our projects are on an even grander scale, such as the major improvements we made to the entryway at Macatawa Legends in Holland this fall. Leading up to the main clubhouse is an old sluice about 500 feet long, that drains from the road and leads to the golf course. Over time, however, this lane had become an eyesore, piled up with muck and algae. It wasn’t a good impression for the course, and definitely not something the townhomes lining each side of the road wanted to look out over, either! With the help of Busscher’s Septic Tank Service, we excavated the sluice, deepened the waterway and removed the present muck. After that, we shored up the sides with shelves of decorative manufactured blocks. In all, we used about 4,000 blocks and 200 tons of outcropping stones! Trees and plants were added for extra aesthetic along the edges of the waterway, providing a more natural look. With the arrival of winter, nature is something we will have to wait on, and potentially follow up with in the spring. The hydroseed is currently dormant, so we will see how it comes in and replant if necessary. Although Macatawa Legends was one of our bigger projects, it still requires the same types of products and planning for the homes we beautify all the time. If something has gotten old or less-than-attractive on your own property, we’ll be happy to show you how we can get things back on course! Contact our Holland office today by calling (616) 399-6861.
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