How can I fix my ugly cement patio?

To upgrade a cement patio, you could tear it all out and replace it with pavers, but that sounds like a lot of work—and money. Bosch’s Landscaping can discuss the look you want and then transform your plain gray cement into a beautiful surface that makes you say “Wow!”

We use a couple of methods. The first is topping it with a thin layer of stamped concrete that simulates the look of natural stones. Polymer resin bonds this thin layer to the original cement, and the surface is covered with a concrete sealer for durability.

We can also use staining and engraving or stencils to get a bright new look. The concrete can be tinted to whatever color you prefer, and stencils or engraving exposes the original gray to resemble grout, while still maintaining a flat surface. Voila! Your patio now looks like golden sandstone, charcoal slate, red brick, or paving stones without all the expense.

Contact Bosch’s Landscaping if you’re ready to turn your old patio from “meh” to “Ah!” Concrete overlayment design is one of our specialties, and we do it well. Call our office in Holland, MI at (616) 399-6861 to set up a consultation.

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