Fertilization: Doing the 2-Step with Your Lawn

by | Apr 25, 2016

Dancing is enjoyable exercise that teaches you a lot about working closely with a partner to create the beautiful results you want—fluid movements that look effortless. If you don’t care for outside work but want a great lawn, let Bosch’s Landscape partner with you to create beautiful green space around your home that you enjoy. Just as you can kill a plant with overwatering, you can damage a lawn with overfeeding. Different grass types require different amounts of nutrients, so when it comes to fertilizing your lawn, you want to be sure you are giving it just what it needs.

Bosch’s Landscape will analyze your lawn and design a plan that’s just right for your grass. We have two options for you, and the one you choose will depend on the state of your lawn and your finances. Our 5-step program involves five applications using fertilizers and crabgrass, broadleaf, and grub control at the appropriate times during the season. It helps to green up your lawn in spring, control weeds and pests, and feed it throughout the growing season, with a final fertilizer application in the fall to strengthen the lawn to stand up to the rigors of winter.

If that’s more than your lawn needs, or you want something more economical, we also offer a 2-step program in spring and fall that will help keep your lawn green and healthy. It includes the crabgrass and broadleaf weed control with the necessary amount of nitrogen in slow-release form for a continuous feeding between applications in the spring and fall.

Ready to do the 2-step? Step 1 – call Bosch’s Landscaping to have us come out and look at your lawn and help you decide on a fertilization schedule. Step 2 – sit back, relax, and watch the grass grow green and strong! Of course, you’ll be doing your own dance with mowing and watering, or not—because we can do that for you too! Give us a call in Holland, MI at (616) 399-6861 or contact us online today to see how we can free up your summer to do the things you enjoy.

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