Commercial Landscaping: Does It Really Matter?

by | Jun 20, 2018

Have you ever tried to draw up a list of top things you can improve about your business to attract more customers and make more money? If you have, where did you put “better landscaping” on the list? Did you list it at all? Be honest. Unfortunately, landscaping seems to be a bit of an afterthought for a lot of local businesses—even companies that get a lot of customer foot traffic. It’s understandable, to a degree. After all, it’s easy to see the direct connection between improving customer service, or offering better products, or increasing marketing spend and the bottom line. But trees? Shrubs? Flower beds? The connection might be less obvious, we admit. But the truth is that high quality commercial landscaping can make a huge difference for your company and employees, regardless of your industry. Ignore it at your own peril! But why? Here are some of the biggest reasons.

It Gives Your Business Eye-Catching Curb Appeal and Visibility

Exterior Landscaping If your building and the grounds surrounding it are boring, non-descript, and all grass and concrete, potential customers are never going to give it a first look, never mind a second. Like it or not, looks matter—especially in competitive industries where customers have many similar choices. I mean, just think about any random strip mall or commercial zone within a mile or two of your home, or in the nearest town. Can you even name all the shops there? Do you know how long they’ve been there? Great landscaping, however, makes a great first impression. It sets you apart. It catches the eyes of passersby as they roll past, and sticks in their memories. Later, when they have a problem that requires your services or products, they’re more likely to remember you and seek you out first.

It Shows Care and Professionalism—and Builds Customer Trust

The quality of your landscaping says something about your professionalism—just as much as they way you treat your customers or the services you provide. It’s really quite simple, and basically the same reason as why any business needs a professional looking website even if they’re not a web development, graphics, or marketing company. When customers see that professional look and attention to detail with the landscaping, they are far more likely to trust that you’ll also attend to them and their needs with a high level of quality and professionalism. Plus, to be a little more straightforwardly candid, it also shows that your company has the financial health and stability to make aesthetics a priority. It demonstrates you have the means and desire to invest in yourself and your location. It’s a judgment that often happens more on the subconscious level than the conscious level. But humans are emotional creatures who act on these kinds of feelings, even when we don’t fully realize what we’re doing.

It’s an Extension of Your Brand

“Brand” is maybe an overused buzzword these days, especially when athletes and pop stars start talking about their “personal brand” while referring to themselves in the third person. But every business has a brand, whether they know it or not. When we use the term, what we’re really talking about is how your customers see you, think about you, and relate to you. Your brand communicates something simple and essential about who you are. For example, Apple’s brand might be summarized as “simplicity and innovation,” while Lexus might evoke “elegance and refinement.” Commercial landscaping gives you an opportunity to say something about who you are and how you want your customers to feel about you. For example, a more contemporary landscape design using local plants communicates a different tone than a more traditional and ornate setup. Maybe you want bright sunlight and colorful flowers to be the dominant feature greeting customers—or maybe you want lots of trees for shade or privacy. Each choice you make says something a little different about who you are, and can reinforce the way you want people to feel about the rest of your business.

It Builds Community Goodwill

Community Goodwill A great-looking bit of commercial landscaping isn’t just good for your own business. It benefits the entire community. It shows that you take pride in your little corner of the globe, and can even help increase foot traffic, business, and property value in the surrounding neighborhood. As they say, a rising tide lifts all boats—you’re one of those boats, and you can help raise the tide. The local neighborhood businesses and homes are likely to take notice that you’re making the community a better place to live and do business, too. That can open up a lot of doors for referrals and partnerships later on down the line—you might be surprised!

It Makes Your Business a More Desirable Place to Work

An attractive, welcoming, and professional aesthetic can be just as important to your employees—and potential employees—as it is to your customers. It helps them take pride in your company and what they do, and can even provide a comfortable and relaxing place to step outside for a quick break. It may seem like a small thing at first. But when a talented individual is weighing job offers from similar companies offering similar pay for similar work, things like location and landscaping can make the difference. All other things being equal, you give yourself the advantage when looking to hire and retain the best people. So yes, commercial landscaping really does matter! If your commercial property is looking a little tired, dull, or boring, give Bosch’s a call to talk about freshening up your look and making your business more attractive to customers and employees. We will help you plan and execute the perfect look for your business. Call (616) 399-6861 to get started.
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