Bosch’s Summer Lawncare Tips

by | Jun 23, 2017

Taking care of your lawn during a West Michigan summer is not always a task that runs like clockwork. Grass can be parched by drought some weeks, only to get drowned in downpours on others. 

But with all the effort you may have spent in the spring to get your lawn into great, green shape, it would be a shame to see it gradually fall apart through the summer. Summer lawn care is all about maintaining a robust, strong plot that can withstand not only changes in the weather but all the fun summer activities you may love to use it for as well.

With that in mind, here are some tips to help keep your lawn looking healthier through every summer.

Monitor How Much Water Your Lawn is Getting

Just like us, lawns need a certain amount of water for ideal health. And also just like us, that water should be provided sensibly over time. Trying to take it in all at once is a bad thing!

In standard conditions, a lawn requires about an inch of water per week. This tends to be enough to keep soil moist 6 inches into the ground, where the root system needs it. Of course, in more severe conditions, when heat and evaporation are high, more water may be necessary.

Placing a rain gauge out on your lawn can help you determine how much water is being received through rainfall and other forms of irrigation through the week. When more water is necessary, provide it – but provide it smartly.

Water Your Lawn Properly, When Needed

We’ll say it again because it’s important: lawns should receive the water they need in a sensible matter, over time. 

If you are dumping water on your lawn all the time to ensure it’s “topped off,” it can result in a shallow and weak root system beneath. When watering is more intermittent, it signals the roots to grow deeper and stronger. When hotter and more severe weather comes, those edified roots will help make your lawn less susceptible to drying out quickly.

But how do you know if your watering is truly enough? Test your soil at the end of each week to see if moisture is being reached at least 6 inches down. Do this by trying to push a 6-inch screwdriver (or other suitable, sturdy rod) into your lawn. If it goes in easily, your lawn is getting enough moisture. If it’s difficult or impossible to go all the way down, then you likely have dry soil and need to adjust your watering.

Keep Your Lawn Mowed Taller

You will want to keep your lawn’s height a little taller than you do in the spring, for good reason: If proper watering can help your lawn’s roots grow stronger from below, keeping your lawn a little taller can help the roots effort from above.

Ideal height will typically depend on what type of grass you grow, but 3-4 inches tends to be the target range in most cases. 

As an added benefit, raising your mower’s blades not only helps the grass build better roots, but provides more shade to help prevent invasive seeds (you know, weeds) from germinating.

Mow Regularly, and Maintain Your Blades

And once again, it’s time to talk moderation and consistency. 

Keeping a good schedule for mowing will help you find the “sweet spot” that is best for your lawn. When you know what your ideal lawn height should be, you will never want it to grow way taller than that. If you are cutting off more than 1/3 of the total length of your grass blades at one time, you are not mowing often enough.

Keeping what you trim off the top shorter will also benefit your lawn by helping to keep it smothered with long clippings. If you can work it into your routine, consider mulching your clippings for best results.

Professional Lawn Care, 

At Your Service

Perhaps the best tip when it comes to summer lawn care is to let our team at Bosch’s do the work for you! 

We have a hard-earned reputation in West Michigan for providing exceptional, award-winning lawn care services. We can help you keep your lawn in top shape, and also provide aid when your lawn is still struggling despite your best-laid plans and efforts.

Give us a call today at (616) 399-6861 or fill out our online contact form to request a free estimate.

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