Bosch’s Comes to Save the Day

by | Sep 6, 2016

When Bosch’s Landscaping hears a cry for help, we’re on it faster than a speeding bullet! Recently we visited a local backyard that needed some super-powered sprucing up. By the looks of these “before” pictures, you can tell it was a tall order, but not for the experts at Bosch’s!

First on the list? A patio that was just too small. Break out the concrete! The petite patio is in the process of being extended with beautiful cement work being done. Speaking of concrete, paver stones are a great way to make a pathway more picturesque, so guess what? They’re going in! Decorative pavers will soon lead from the deck to the pool. Not wanting to leave the fence feeling neglected, the Bosch’s crew is also doing some stone work to beautify that section of the yard as well.

Now, while all that’s great for adding entertainment and improving aesthetics, you’re probably wondering, ”What about bringing some relaxation to the party?” Enter the addition of a zen garden. They might not wear capes, but those Bosch’s Landscaping pros sure are heroes!

The makeover is now underway—let the transformation begin! Tractors more powerful than locomotives (well, maybe not that strong) are busy digging up and preparing the yard for the big reveal. Stay tuned for the “after” pictures from this project. You’ll be amazed at how Bosch’s saved the day (and the backyard)!

Meanwhile…if you have a yard that is crying for help, call Bosch’s Landscaping in Holland, MI at (616) 399-6861. They’ve got skills that are no less than super!

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