Stave Off Winter Depression with a Beautiful Fall Project

by | Sep 19, 2018

The declining summer heat meets with a rising crispness in the air. The leaves begin to change to beautiful hues as gusts take them from the trees.

It’s wonderful! …Until you remember winter is on the other side of it all.

Don’t get us wrong. Many people love winter! But many people also do not. They get about a month in until they’re sick of the snow and dreaming of spring greenery again.

If you fall into that camp, don’t let the thought of oncoming cold embitter you toward what you can do now! There is still plenty you can do in fall to spruce up your landscaping. You can enjoy some ideas now, and other ideas can continue all through coming years.

Let’s Start Simple

The front door should be a focal point of almost every home, and fall provides plenty of rich colors to work with. A wreath of foliage and autumn flowers can create a warm, rustic, and inviting image, and don’t turn down the opportunity to paint your door a new, rich shade if it needs it!

Let’s Get Clean

If your home is surrounded by deciduous trees, the vanishing of leaves is going to leave your exterior more exposed. Treat this as a good time to clean your windows and pressure wash your siding. You’d be surprised how much a clean-up can boost the atmosphere surrounding your home. Your neighbors will enjoy it, too!

Propagate with Pumpkins

Pumpkins and other fall gourds are an amazingly inexpensive way to set up some temporary fixtures in your yard.

Having a few pumpkins hanging about is nice, but a showcase along with fall flowers, hay bales or other decorations can really make a robust statement.

A healthy, uncarved pumpkin will typically provide 8-12 weeks of fresh, natural art before beginning to deteriorate. A carved pumpkin will hardly ever last 2 weeks. The optimal temperature for keeping your gourds good is 50-55 degrees Fahrenheit.

Stay Low

Where leaves aren’t decorating the ground, trailing ground cover can provide an appealing carpet of color.

Cranberry cotoneaster, ruby red barberry and other covers can show off rich hues before settling in for winter and returning in the spring. They’re also easy to maintain and effective at keeping weeds at bay, but make sure they don’t overgrow your intended bounds and become a “weed” of their own.

Backyard patio landscaping with stones

Stack Some Stones

With summer heat out of the equation, fall is a good time to perform some stone work in your yard. Want a fence? A pedestal? A retaining wall? Creating something that complements your yard with either local stones or an interesting mix of types will add a new center of attention to your yard.

When it comes to stone work, we are more than happy to help you out with great ideas! We can help you create the mini-fortress of your dreams—or just a nice rocky area.

Get Some Texture Going

The ground cover and stonework we mentioned above can add to a “tangible” look in your yard, but there are more options as well.

Ornamental grasses can contribute a smoothness and elegance to your garden, all while keeping that low-maintenance vibe running. (We’re not saying it’s bad to be high-maintenance, but we’re aiming for broad appeal).

If you do want to get a bit more hands-on, delicate flowering plants and vines can make for beautiful, cascading scenes that compliment the foliage around them—and you don’t always have to plant them directly in the ground to achieve the effects you desire.

Work Naturally

If you’re not the type who goes all out with pumpkins and other fall festoonery, you can still create an excellent autumn atmosphere using the flora and foliage that comes naturally to the area.

Framing your patio with the right plant life can make all the difference, creating a simple, open area that still retains plenty of seasonal appeal. Whether you would use that open space for family gatherings or sit in solitary contemplation, there is nothing wrong with having expertly curated space.

There’s Still Plenty of Time for a Project!

Whether you’re going for something simple or planning a whole new layout for your yard, fall is an excellent time to take action.

Our experts here at Bosch’s Landscape & Lawn Specialties are more than happy to be your planners and executors for services ranging from cement work to planting to residential installs. If you can dream it, we can—well, we don’t know just how crazy your dreams can get, but we’d certainly like to hear them and see what could be accomplished!

Call us at (616) 399-6861 or fill out our online contact form for a free estimate. Let’s see what we can get accomplished this autumn together!

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