Beat the Snow – with Help from Bosch’s

by | Feb 8, 2016

Whether it’s an early storm in November or the large accumulation in January and February, snowfall is an accepted part of living in West Michigan. In fact, you probably love the snow – you just don’t like shoveling it, especially if you have a business or commercial property to clear! That’s where a good snow-plowing contractor is a life saver for your business.

Bosch’s Landscaping offers equipment and crews to deal with commercial parking lots, working in the wee hours so your employees can get in to the shop or store without a problem. If Mother Nature has laid down a layer of ice on your lot, we can do a bulk snow melt application in parking areas to reduce the risk of slide offs and car damage. We even salt sidewalks for safety.

After a monster storms, or a series of smaller ones, your lot can be filled with snow piles that start to resemble Mount Everest. To free up parking space, and head off flooded lots in the spring, we can come out with a snow loader and dump truck to remove the excess to another location.

If you try to reach us during the winter months, you may not always find us in the office, as we are often out dealing with that wonderful white stuff. Be sure to leave a message, as they are checked regularly. Even better, set up a snowplowing contract us with us early in the season, because our schedules fill up quickly, especially when a severe winter is forecast.

Depend on Bosch’s Landscaping for your snow removal throughout the season, but don’t forget we offer services all year round with lawn care, pruning, landscape design, and more. You can contact us by phone at (616) 399-6861, use our form right on this website to message us, or send us an email for more information or quotes. We look forward to being your one-stop place for all your property maintenance needs.

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