4 Ideas to Help You Build Your Dream Landscaping [Imagination Required]

by | Apr 23, 2018

When people think of a dream home, the actual house tends to come first to mind. Hey, that’s only natural. But dream landscaping can be part of a dream home as well! How you feel spending time outside of your home should blend well with the way you feel inside it. Ideally, your yard should fulfill your outdoor aesthetic desires while serving as a complement to your home. Are you looking for dream landscaping ideas, but don’t know where to start? Our landscaping experts can help you find the best expressions of your backyard soul, but here are some tips to consider in the meantime.

Look for Inspirational Examples

Peruse Pinterest. Dive into Instagram. Take a tour of local neighborhoods and gardens. Look for the landscaping that makes you say “Wow!” or “I want something like that!” A word of wisdom, though. It’s easy to go overboard with a ton of ideas that, when mixed together, don’t produce the overall feel you wanted. Use images as inspirations more than a catalog of what you exactly want. Knowing the motif of what you’re looking for will make it easier to plan something that fits your yard, fits your budget, and is uniquely yours.

Set Your Focal Point

It is often wise to set a point as the main focus of a landscaping project. In a front yard, the front door is often that point. The back yard might focus on the back door, or you might want a pool, pond, or fire pit to be the focus instead. Once you have a point established, consider how other elements of your dream plan may serve to frame them or guide traffic to them. Would you like a winding path off your patio to your fountain, perhaps? How about a row of shrubs or small trees leading to your doorstep? Plan around your focal point and the overall vision tends to fall into place more easily!


Consider the Lay of the Land

The size and shape of your outdoor area will obviously have an influence on what can be done with it, but consider both sides of the coin when thinking about possibilities. A sloped area might not work well for building a pond, for example, but it could show off flowering plants or a waterfall feature very well. Or how about that one small, awkward corner where nothing really seems to fit? Could be a lost land of disappointment, or it could be a children’s garden! And don’t forget to plan for some empty space! You’ll want areas that can “breathe,” usually around your house. You might not want to cram up too many elements too closely! It’s also worth considering the boundaries of your property as well. If you’re seeking to provide some sort of barrier between yourself and a neighboring property, there are plenty of natural options to choose from in terms of plant life. We can help you pick an ideal combination of heights and colors to match with your design.

Don’t Underestimate the Power of Small Touches

We know the grand features are the most exciting. Fountains! Trellises! A stone-built amphitheater! OK, maybe that last one is a bit too grand for most people, but don’t focus so much on the big stuff that you ignore the smaller adjustments you can make. They can make a huge difference to the overall splendor of your project! For example, that flat slab of boredom known as your driveway could be spruced up with a decorative border. It could be brick, stone—maybe even a decorative overlayment! Formal, natural, traditional, whimsical… small upgrades to the elements of your outdoor landscape can add significant flavor to your overall theme. When you’re considering your features, think about how they could be customized, too!

Let Us Help Your Dreams Come True

Imagination is a powerful tool, and you want someone who understands how to make your vision come to life in the most realistic way possible. While we can’t grant you the Taj Mahal or Hanging Gardens of Babylon, we can promise to work with your goals and budget to sculpt an outdoor area you can call your own. So, show us your inspirations, share your ambitions, and let’s see your dream landscape come closer into being! To talk with one of our landscaping professionals and request a free estimate, give us a call today at (616) 399-6861.

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